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Welcome to the world of Lena’s Café - London based boutique style food shop offering healthy and modern food. Lena’s Café was a dream of Chef Mazen Abou Dargham which came into reality in 2007. Chef Mazen has more than 25 years of experience of preparing fine quality food products for major hotels, parties, catering events and many private jet lines. He is connoisseur of Lebanese food with a great experience in international cuisine. Chef has his unique way of cooking and created hundreds of new recipes with his own touch.


At Lena’s café we believe in providing food which is healthy as well as delicious. On the request of our customers we can also provide food prepared from organic products.

New opening branch for Lena’s Café has been taking place in June 2011 in West Hampstead where you can enjoy the taste of our products in a nice ambience.


“Thanks for visiting our website. Hope you will enjoy our products and specialities. For any queries please contact us on 0207 402 7776/ 0207 4435 666 or email us at office@lenascafe.com”

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